Although plastic might be the modern material of the 21st century, head out after a snow storm and you will quickly discover that when it comes to sledding, wooden sleds still reign supreme. The most famous of these is of course the flexible flyer. Patented in 1889 by a family in Pennsylvania it is still going strong. After changing hands several times it is back with the original family under the name Paricon.


FF 60

Flexible Flyer 60" Steel Runner Sled lets both children and adults ride down the hill at high speeds! Many adults have nostalgic memories of riding their steel runner sled during their childhood, and many still have the same sled! Being able to maneuver down the hill with the steering bar adds to the control and fun! This large classic sled is big enough for up to 2 riders. It can be used in seated or prone riding positions. It is constructed with birch wood and powder coated red steel runners. The Flexible Flyer logo is screen printed on during production. This tough wooden and steel sled has 3 sets of knees for support. It has pre-drilled holes in the steering bar to attach your own rope, if desired. Recommended for ages 5 and older. Durable enough for adults.

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Wooden sleds are a popular choice because they are known for their skilled craftmanship and durability. Young children particularly love them because they know this is the tried and tested mode of transport used by Father Christmas. Made in a range of different dimensions, they are used for adults and children alike and can accomodate one rider or several


FF 48

This classic 48" Flexible Flyer Steel Runner sled is ideal for sledding! It is constructed with birch wood and steel runners. It is a steerable sled which is a great feature! The Flexible Flyer logo is screen printed on during the production process. The steel runners are powder coated in a nice red color. This sled has good stability and double knee construction for strength and support. There are pre-drilled holes in case you want to attach your own rope. Recommended for ages 5 years and up, and durable enough for adults. Assembled Height: 7 inches Assembled Width: 24 inches Assembled Length: 48 inches Assembled Weight: 11 pounds

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.Making use of quality woods such as beech and birch, which are known for their strength and beauty, assure that these sleds will be passed down from generation to generation.


MB  48

The Slalom is the first fully steerable toboggan. With beautiful molded plywood, full-pivot steering, slippery plastic runners, and stainless steel hardware, this thing is fast and maneuverable! Made with 5/8" thick marine-grade waterproof molded plywood, the entire front section of the Slalom pivots. The sled's wide stance makes it very stable and gives it excellent flotation in powder snow. On hardpack, the Slalom slides along on specialized plastic runners for top speed and control. The beechwood surface is protected by four coats of marine-grade finish. We use only stainless-steel hardware, and an extra-long pull rope.

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You can take your pick from plain wood sleds or the beautiful hand painted ones. The bottom line is that wooden sleds are well built and offer excellant value. Smooth and fast, they are great for adults and children alike and their advantage over plastic and foam sleds is that you sit above the snow and enjoy a warmer and drier ride.


MB 52

At 52 inches long, this sled is 5 inches longer and 4 pounds heavier than Mountain Boy Sledworks' Original Ultimate Flyer but otherwise identical. It's built to last for generations and features a pivoting front section that allows slalom turns, 180-degree turns, and hockey stops. The heirloom-style hand-crafted sled is made of thick birch planks. Hand rails are hand-carved willow, with copper ferrules between body and rails adding to the rustic look while contributing strength. Three coats of marine-grade finish protect the wood against elements.

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MB bottom The sled's custom-molded bottom of high-quality slippery black plastic glides along with ease, while its wide stance keeps it stable. The sturdy bottom has a wide, flat center to float on soft snow and raised rails on the edges to track precisely on hardpack. Screws are stainless steel for durability. Suitable for a child aged 3 years and up and sturdy enough to support 300 pounds,


MB 3

Remember those strong old Flexible Flyers, the ones that refused to break? Our Classic Flyer is what a runner sled should be: tough, with thick kiln-dried planks of beautiful northern birch and extra-thick powder-coated steel runners. We use only stainless-steel bolts, and have incorporated the pivot-front design of our Ultimate Flyer to increase the sled's turning power. This heirloom-quality sled is designed to last for more than one lifetime.

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