There are not too many things more fun than flying down a hill on a toboggan with a few of your friends. I remember with fond memories doing this as a kid and we had a blast. Toboggans come in many different sizes. They range from a small toboggan suitable for 1 rider up to a large toboggan that can seat up to 4 or 5 kids. Weight limits on some toboggans can top out at around 600 pounds which can limit the number of riders according to the age and weight of the kids.

flexible flyer toboggan

Try the Flexible Flyer 6 Foot Classic Wooden Toboggan for fun-filled winter days. Measuring six feet in length, this toboggan is perfect for families or bunches of friends in search of thrilling romps down slick, snowy hills. You'll look stylish as you speed by on this sleek-looking toboggan made of maple wood with sharp black stripes. Rest assured knowing safety and style are combined, since this toboggan features a super-strong hold rope for your safety. Pile on the snow suit, moon boots, hats, scarves, and gloves, and enjoy hours of sledding during the frosty days of winter. Recommended ages 4-14 years. 

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Toboggans are characterized by a very simple design which includes bound parallel wooden slats which bend up and back at the front to form a J-like shape. They also come with a rope attached to the front of the toboggan for pulling it back up the hill. Many toboggans also have ropes running along the sides of the sled for riders to hold onto.

Mountain Boy Toboggan

A true classic, the Mountain Boy Sledworks 6-Foot Mountain Toboggan boasts beautiful handmade craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a simple, time-tested design for years of winter fun. Constructed of steam-bent, knot-free planks of flexible basswood, with hand-carved willow crosspieces, the toboggan can carry up to 600 pounds. Mountain Boy uses stainless-steel screws and genuine leather grommets to ensure long-term performance, with a lead-free, marine-grade finish that gracefully weathers the elements. The curl at the front of the sled is big enough for an adult to tuck his or her feet in securely around a child, and the rope is extra long for easy pulling.

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In order to ride on a toboggan, you will need to place your feet in the J-loop while sitting securely on the flat bed of the sled. If there is a second passenger, then they will need to sit behind the front rider and firmly grasp his or her waist. In most cases the second riders feet will go on the lap of the first rider and so on and so forth for any additional riders.

Paricon Toboggan

The Canadian Toboggan is sure to be a big hit for the whole family! It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors during the winter and have hours of fun! It also makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays and weddings! This toboggan is constructed in Canada with Northern Hardrock Maple for good looks and durability. The hood is secured with countersunk zinc plated screws for strength and easy repair. There is a yellow pull rope for convenience. The beautiful hood of the sled is maintained in a constant tension with the rope. We recommend this sled for ages 5 years and up. 

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What makes toboggans different from other types of sleds is that they don’t feature any type of runners or groves on the bottom. The bottom of the toboggan rides directly on the snow. They work best on a pre-packed track. This particular design makes the toboggan relatively unique among other types of sleds since it emphasizes stability over speed and velocity.

Lucky Bum 72

The only thing that could possibly conjure up a more classic winter image than the Lucky Bums Wood Toboggan – 72 in. would be riding this toboggan with Ralphie from A Christmas Story, and Santa himself. This curved, hand-made wooden toboggan will fit 5 riders, with a total weight of 500 lbs. The sled pad will add comfort and smooth out some of the bumps while you're headed to the bottom of the hill, and the included pull rope lets you take a full team of little ones for a pull across the snow drifts. The classic shape and finish of the this toboggan also make it a perfect winter-time decoration for your home or cabin.

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These days, toboggans are mostly used as recreational toys for children and adults.  However there are more rugged models which are used for specific tasks like search and rescue and moving equipment through icy environments. These commercial grade models are usually made from engineered composites, even though they retain most of their original features, which is why they may be used for tasks which are not quite common among toy toboggan sleds.