For young children, sledding is one of the most exciting things to do in the wintertime. You will want your toddler to have as much fun as possible, but in order for that to happen, you must choose your toddlers sled carefully. Toddler sleds are very similar to baby sleds in that you must consider safety first and foremost.


Paricon colapsable toddler

The perfect baby toddler sleigh. Easy to carry and move around yet fits their needs from 18 months to 4 years old.  Easy to pack and transport with the collapsible handle. It is light weight yet sturdy with molded seat area for comfort. Comes with seat belt for safety.

Weighs apx 15-Pound and is 33-Inch long and 14-Inch wide

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This is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a toddler sled. The safest toddler sleds are the ones that can be pulled along by parents. They must have a wide bottom for stability so that if the child leans over to touch the snow the sled doesn't tip over. Every part of the toddler sled should be securely fastened in order to ensure the childs safety. The toddler sled must have an adequate restraining harness to securely fasten the child into the sled if they are younger than 3. Some sleds even have handles for the child to hold onto.


Flexible Flyer Toddler

The Wooden Baby Sleigh from Flexible Flyer offers a fun way to tow little kids through the snow with classic style. The wooden sleigh is handcrafted of ash wood with steam bent backrests and runners. The sleigh includes a protective bar to prevent injuries from skis and includes a pull rope. Pads are available for this sled at additional cost.

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Comfort is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a toddler sled. Sleds can be made from plastic or wood and can be uncomfortable to sit on. A good toddler sled should have an elevated riding position in order to keep the child warm and dry. It should also have a backrest that allows the child to lean back and still have good back support while sledding. Some sleds also have padded cushions that can add to the comfort of the child.



Thrill your little ones on snowy days with the Pelican Baby Sleigh 2. Destined to become a family heirloom, the sleigh offers an elevated riding position with a double-slat backrest to keep your child warm and dry. And the sleigh goes just fast enough when pulled, with HDPE polymer runners that last and last. Extra durable and maintenance-free, the sleigh includes a pull rope for easy toting. Pads are available for this sled at additional cost.

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A toddler sled should be made from a strong and durable material. Since it will be used outdoors a sled made from a cheap material could crack from the cold and be dangerous. However a high quality sled will require very little maintenance and will be enjoyed for a long time. In most cases these sleds are passed down to younger children due to their durability.


Lucky Bums Toddler

The Heirloom Collection Wooden Foldable Pull Sled is a true classic with modern conveniences. Modeled after the popular European style that has been around for ages, the fully functional sled is perfect for toddler or cargo transportation. With the padded cushion, back rest, and reinforced stainless steel runners, this solid sled can tackle all kinds of terrain and activities. And when you are done, simply remove the back rest, push in a pin, slide a metal bracket, and the sled folds in half for more efficient storage or easier transportation.

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Due to the young age of the toddler, most will be unable to steer or control a sled on their own. It is recomended that they ride with an adult or be pulled in an approved toddler sled. Plastic toboggans, inflatable tubes and regular sleds are not suitable for solo rides for toddlers. These types of sleds can attain considerable speed even on the smallest hills.


Double sled

Toddler sleigh like those seen on the snowy paths of ski villages like Whistler-Blackcombs, Mt. St Anne and Mt. Tremblant. Beautiful hand craftsmanship from the renewable resources of Canada's hardwood forests. Classic designs with innovative twists and festive colors provide years of utility and satisfaction. Pads are available for this sled at additional cost.

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