Sledding is a family sport where even the youngest can participate. There is nothing that beats the thrill of rushing through the snow with the whole family.  However , babies are not skilled at sledding or tobogganing and therefore great care needs to be taken on choosing a sled for the youngest members of the family. Safety is the most important factor.

Emsco Infant

Extra-high backed seat for baby's comfort and support. Color-coordinated backrest and seat pads provide cushion and added insulation.Raised foot-support rails and seat area keep baby above cold snow. Wide, stable design for a secure and safe ride.

      Extra long tow rope, Adjustable seatbelt

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Age recommendations for infant/baby sleds usually start at 6 months and up.  Your child must be able to sit up on their own and be stable doing it before placing them in a sled.

aqua sled

The Didoo sled gives the perfect opportunity to introduce your baby to the outdoors in style and comfort. The wide footprint offers both sled stability and reduced friction for easier pulling. Combines a very clean design using only best materials to insure long, durable life. Perfect sled for getting you and your baby outside. High back and sides combined with included safety harness keeps your youngster upright and safe. Molded outriggers provide stability on a variety of terrain and conditions as well as providing storage.

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This is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a baby sled. The safest Baby sleds are the ones that can be pulled along by parents. They must have a wide bottom for stability so that if the child leans over to touch the snow the sled doesn't tip over. Every part of the baby sled should be securely fastened in order to ensure the baby's safety. The baby sled must have an adequate restraining harness to securely fasten the child into the sled. Some sleds even have handles for the child to hold onto.


Comfort is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a baby sled. Sleds can be made from plastic or wood and can be uncomfortable to sit on. A good baby sled should have an elevated riding position in order to keep the child warm and dry. It should also have a backrest that allows the child to lean back and still have good back support while sledding. Some sleds also have padded cushions that can add to the comfort of the child.

push stroller

If you enjoy spending time outdoors with your kids in winter but don't like the hassle of wrestling with your wheeled stroller, here's the solution. The Snow Stroller lets you glide your child through the snow effortlessly so that you can run your errands hassle-free or just enjoy a wintery walk in the park. Snow Strollers are not intended for downhill sledding! Standard features of all models include: * a nylon three-way safety harness * lightweight stainless steel tubing construction * tested to hold up to 110 lbs (50 kg) * easily foldable to put in your trunk or storage

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A baby sled should be made from a strong and durable material. Since it will be used outdoors a sled made from a cheap material could crack from the cold and be dangerous. However a high quality sled will require very little maintenance and will be enjoyed for a long time. In most cases these sleds are passed down to younger children due to their durability.

Stroller sled

Standard Snow Stroller features include: * a nylon three-way safety harness * lightweight stainless steel tubing construction * tested to hold up to 110 lbs (50 kg) * easily foldable to put in your trunk or storage The Snow Stroller Deluxe-Plus is the newest addition to the Snow Stroller family. It includes all of the features of the Deluxe model, and in addition has a fiber-board backed seat to provide the ultimate in back support for your child.

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There are many types of baby sleds that young children will enjoy. The parent can opt for pull sleds, sleds that can be pushed, and even strollers that have runners on the bottom for the very young. There are even enclosed sleds that offer protection from the elements. After purchasing your sled for your baby, pull your child around inside your home on the carpet to get them used to the sled. This will ensure that they get somewhat used to it before heading outside into the snow.