During the winter season, one of the best outdoor activites that you can allow you kids to partiipate in is sledding. It's loads of fun and encourages them to be active and play well with others. Plastic sleds are among the best kinds of sleds for children over the age of 5. The advantages of using plastic sleds is their durability and fleibility. They can also be super fast and provide hours of fun.


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Fly down the sled hill at lightning speed–or watch your kids have a great time doing so–in these heavy-duty sleds made of highly durable and slick-coated plastic. The molded nose ensures a fast ride every time and the sled bodies are cold-crack treated to withstand years of use in even the chilliest winter wonderland. All you need to add is snow.

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They are usually sturdy enough to withstand impact from small rocks and hard patches of snow or earth. There is very little risk of puncturing or cracks due to the flexibilty of the plastic in normal conditions. Only during extreme cold can the integrity of the plastic come into question. Running into objects with the sled when its that cold could cause the plastic to crack and become unusable.


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Slippery Racer sleds and toboggans are ahead of the curve in design, quality, and performance. Made with premium grade plastic and coated with SR's exclusive IceVex cold-resistant treatment, Slippery Racer sleds are built to withstand no matter how rugged the conditions. That's why Slippery Racer is the brand of choice for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and snow lovers everywhere.

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Some sleds are made for single riders. Others are suitable for 2 or more riders. There are normally handles or ropes for children to hold onto while sledding. Using these can most times prevent riders from falling off the sled as it flies down the hill. Hard plastic sleds are very sturdy and can be used for several winters without any issues with regards to safety and preformance.


Snow sled

A molded slick plastic bottom for fast downhill sliding. A comfortable sleigh for one or two riders and can be pulled behind with gear after done sledding.

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Plastic sleds increased in popularity over the years. They are light weight and durable and can easily be towed back up the hill by even the youngest child. These sleds are recommended for children ages 6 and up due to the speed that can occur and due to the fact  that they can be difficult to steer and control.


lucky bum

Perfect for any sledding hill, this Lucky Bums plastic sled is perfect for one or two children or can be used to haul gear on those snowy days. Measures 48" sled with cut-out handles for easy grip as you glide down the hill. Tow rope attached for easy pulling back up the hill or hauling gear. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

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The Lucky Bums Plastic Racer Sled is the ideal product for the little ones to scoot down a small hill or for parents to pull them on a snow packed walkway. Made of durable plastic and complete with a sure grip steering wheel, wide track center ski, and two handbrakes, the Plastic Racer Sled lets the little ones get some speed, carve turns, and enjoy the sledding hill on a sleek and modern design racer-sled.

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winter heat

Have an blast on the mountain with the Paricon Winter Heat toboggan. Made entirely of recycled materials, the Winter Heat slides down the hill at super-fun speeds. The sled steers with a tilt of the body, and includes a pair of side handles to help you hold on along with a brake to keep your speeds under control. Designed for one person only, the Winter Heat measures 38 by 7 by 18 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 4.25 pounds.

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