Sledding down a snowey slope at top speed is surely one of the most exhilerating things a child can experiene in the winter. Kids of all ages adore flinging themselves down a snow covered hill. Sleds provide a healthy form of exercise in the great outdoors. There is a wealth of variety when it comes to choosing a type of foam sled. They are taking off in popularity and its easy to see why. They are bright, colorful and fly down the slopes.


FF Aurora

This eye-catching snow-riding device, from the makers of the iconic original Flexible Flyer sled, boasts flashy new graphics over a lightweight foam core. It's remarkably durable, and a slick bottom surface makes for fast-pace action on the hill. Sturdy handles help keep you safely in place on the two-pound device, which measures 20.5 by 36 inches (W x D). Recommended for riders age five and up.

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They come in a multitude of styles and designs and are sleek, stylish and fun. Foam sleds are designed from soft foam with a base made from sturdy polyurethane. They do not have built up sides, but most feature solid plastic handles on the sides for kids to hold onto.  You can lay down on them, or sit up or even ride on your knees with these sleds because they are soft and flexible.


Flex Flyer Foam

Cruise down the hill at breakneck speeds with the Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer. Made of lightweight foam, the Snow Screamer includes a slick bottom surface that encourages high speeds, along with two sets of sturdy handles. As a result, the 47-by-21.5-inch sled can accommodate two riders at once. Recommended for ages 5 and up, the Snow Screamer weighs 3 pounds.

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Foam sleds are some of the most affordable sleds to choose from, a consideration worth bearing in mind if you only see occasional snow.  They are extremely durable and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry back up the hill. Younger children will appreciate this when they dont have to wait for someone to carry their sled back up.


Blue Snow Screamer

The Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer has modern looking graphics and a slick bottom for speed! Enjoy an exhilirating ride down the hill! It is big enough for one or two riders and it has four sturdy handles. This lightweight foam sled is made with polyethylene foam and has a soft foam construction. The laminated top and bottom is crack resistant, even in very cold weather. Since it's lightweight, it is easy to carry! Recommended for ages 5 years and up.

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The low prices make foam sleds an attractive option for the wallet. Considering how affordable they are they do have a reputation for lasting well. They are also less inclined to suffer crack, a drawback of some of the plastic sleds.



1 rider can ride head first or 2 riders can sit up for a more comfortable ride. Durable pe foam construction with high density and slick bottom for speed. Four soft eva handles for a great grip. Advanced shape for enhanced control.

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The more basic design means they dont always steer as well as fancier sleds, though there is some steering flexibility. As foam sleds dont have runners, they can be damaged by running over sharp rocks and ice. It would be wise not to use these types of sleds on hills where you will find these kinds of hazzards.



When they take a break from making their own Olaf in the front yard, let them zip down a hill on the Frozen Shaped Sno Speedster. This shaped sled features a PVC body with a foam-cushioned top featuring the cast of the hit Disney film. A pair of easy-to-grab handles let them hold on and even give them some control as they race through the snow. It's a lightweight design, so when they get to the bottom they can climb back up and start all over again.

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